What is Blow Moulding?

Blow moulding is a process to create quality plastic products for a wide and diverse range of industries. Coral Products (Mouldings) Ltd located in Haydock are specialists within this areas of plastic moulding and product design.


Steve Winstanley one of Coral Mouldings National Account Managers, has vast experience in this sector of the industry.

The blow moulding process is designed to manufacture high volume, one-piece hollow plastic products objects. If you require a large quantity of product/bottles/ tubs this is the ideal process to meet your needs.

Blow moulding can create uniform, thin-walled plastic containers economically.

The distinct advantages of blow moulding include.

  • Costs in blow moulding are lower compared to other processes.
  • One-piece construction enabling full part creation instead of connecting parts.
  • Shapes in a wide variety can be created with this process.
  • Adaptability in product creating products that can be used for multi purpose.

The Process.

A plastic tube is heated and filled with air until it essentially becomes a balloon of hot plastic called a “parison.” A mould is then clamped around this, trapping the plastic while air continues to fill the parison into the shape of the tooling. This process is then repeated multiple times in succession.

The freedom you gain from using the blow moulding process opens many avenues for design. With blow moulding , creating the mould is important but there are variables as well such as wall thinning, air leaks, flash, and streaks that must be monitored.

For example, wall thickness variation is an essential factor for designers and quality control, it is a vital part of the process to consider, to create the quality end product.

Examples of parts and products that are created using blow moulding include water bottles, wet wipe tubs, and automotive parts. Which can be sold into a vast array of industries including household, beauty and healthcare.

As a business Coral Products (Mouldings) Ltd excel within this field, creating quality tested products, within a circular economy business structure and innovative design incorporating recyclable materials.

If you would like to find out more about this process please contact Steve Winstanley steve.winstanley@coralproducts.com

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