Joe Grimmond
Joe was appointed in March 2011. He is now Non-executive chairman appointed following the appointment of Michael Wood in January 2017. He was previously Chief Executive of James Dickie plc and Chairman of Widney plc. Joe was appointed as Non-executive Chairman at the AGM in 2011 and in December 2015, become Executive Chairman. In June 2016 he became non-executive Chairman following the appointment of Roberto Zandona. He became our Executive Chairman again in April 2017 following Roberto Zandona’s retirement as director. Mr Grimmond is a Fellow of the Association of Accounting Technicians.

David Low
David Low was appointed a director on 4 September 2015. He has over 25 years of private equity and investment management experience. He is an investor in several public and private companies involved in financial technology, sport and and leisure and brewing and real estate. He was a director of Manroy PLC until July 2015 when it was sold to FN Herstal SA for £16m.

Executive Directors

Michael (Mick) Wood
Chief Executive Officer, at Coral Products PLC as of January 2018 former UK operations manager at Linpak Packaging LTD. Joined Coral as Chief Operations Officer in August 2017.


​Sharon Gramauskas, ACMA,
Finance Director & Company Secretary
Sharon was appointed in February 2017. She joined Coral Products Mouldings Ltd as Group Financial Controller in December 2016. She has 17 years of experience. She previously acted as Financial Controller of James Dewhurst Ltd, prior to this she held accounting positions at Pets Choice Ltd, Thames Water, Scott Health and Safety Ltd and Uniqema Ltd. Sharon is an Associate of the Chartered Institute for Management Accountants.


Paul Freud
Corporate Development Director
Paul was appointed in July 2015. He is responsible for directing the business development activities and driving new sales growth by seeking market opportunities or acquisitions. Paul has over 20 years of management and leadership experience in manufacturing industry. He has been Managing Director and Chairman of Tatra Plastics Manufacturing Limited, where he is responsible for developing new and innovative product ranges for blue chip companies, including solutions for fibre optic broadband installations and rail infrastructure.


​Remuneration committee: Joe Grimmond (Chairman) and David Low.
Responsible for the salary and bonus scheme for directors.


​Audit Committee: David Low (Chairman) and Sharon Gramauskas.
Responsible for the annual audit.