Coral Products (Mouldings) Ltd 23-litre Fox Proof Caddy has been put to the test by some of the “finest.” “Finest friends that are covered in fur that is! “The companies plastics recycling food waste products have been tested over the last year and have had positive feedback about its unique design, strength, resilience to weather conditions and most importantly how four legged creatures have not been able to gain access to the food waste, or food stored within its polypropylene casing. (NB we and Coral Products (Mouldings) Ltd are sure there will always be some cleaver creature that can get will prove us wrong, we are claiming that the creatures that took the challenge and were persistent in their attempts did not achieve this, in both rural and urban areas.)

The three main creatures in Coral Products (Mouldings) Ltd trials were, small rodents in a country side location, a pug (their chief product tester,) in both an urban and rural setting and the fox, who has fondly been labelled Felix.

Reviews of the trial and locations are below.

Box 1.

Located next to a chicken coop, continuously stored outside, in a small holding with limited recycling.

Box 2.

Located within a small town with good food collection and recycling collections.

Box 3.

Situated in a rural location no food waste collection regularly at present.

Photo (23 litre Fox proof caddy.)

Tester 1: “I haven’t recycled food waste before, or saved food waste, I just threw it in my bin along with everything permitted or to the chickens, it felt like it was too much of a chore, to save it in my limited space, so I thought upon receipt of the 23 litre Fox Proof Caddy it would be a worthwhile test.  I had been given the 5 Litre Deluxe Kitchen Caddy, and the 23 litre Fox Proof Caddy. The 5 litre caddy appealed because my home is small, the 23 litre caddy looked ideal, because of its strength and locking system to hopefully stop rats. I have done everything I can to prevent rats mixing with my chickens, specific feeders, rat proofing wire, consistently monitoring it, but somehow, they got into the food itself, which then means it is useless for the chickens to consume. It didn’t matter what was stored food waste scraps, or pellets, my composter was also running alive with them. After using the 23 litre Fox Proof Caddy for a period of two months, with a variety of items stored in it, food waste for 5 weeks and pellets for the further weeks, no rat had managed to get into the 23 litre food waste bin. This for me has really helped and has given me more confidence with feeding my chickens, (the rats are still around, but they haven’t got into the 23 litre bin.) Jerry Devon


Tester 2:

Pugs love food, its simple, they are created this way, they are inquisitive have high energy and are consistently trying to locate their next snack. I have tried everything, metal bins, feed bins, dog bins, sealed bins, after consistent attempts and collaboration with her friend (clever cats.) Every form of storage for food and food waste has been broken into or destroyed. The 23-litre Fox Proof Caddy supplied by Coral Products (Mouldings) LTD has achieved something no other bin has achieved! No food waste on my floor, no pet treats consumed on mass, and a storage solution for large quantities without smell, which attracts the dogs. Locking in the smell of waste food, vegetables, bones and meat is key, this product achieves this, neither dog knew where the food scraps were being placed for composting, until the lid was opened, both observed its location, and whilst out for 30 minutes attempted to get into the bin, I returned home to find the bin with food waste upside down, unopened and no spillage, the treat storage 23 litre was on its side also unopened. I can’t say that all dogs will be as unsuccessful, but neither of mine were able to, which reassures me and as the product is also attractive to the eye, I am happy to have this product within my home. (Also, the local fox has not been able to get into it when put out for collection, which has saved complaints from my neighbours.) Lindsay Berkshire.



Photo (Peppa the ever hungry pug.)

Tester 3:

Foxes, have destroyed many bins, we have been supplied in the past, they are not bothered by our rabbits in their cages, or our chickens in their coop, or the sheep in the field nearby, they are interested in easy food that can provide them with a food source instantly that doesn’t run away from them. At night we often see the reflection of light in foxes’ eyes as they loiter around our compost bin, or try and knock over our metal bins, which usually results in a lot of noise late at night and a great deal of mess to clear the following morning. The 23 litre Fox Proof Caddy, has done its job, we are conscious of what we waste, reuse and upcycle, as we are rural living and try and compost or recycle what we can, at home before disposing of things, but some items just aren’t suitable, and unfortunately appeal to the “quick sly foxes.” We located both bins in our usual location, and double checked that no human error could occur, the lid was locked, the sides wiped clean, we didn’t want to make it easy for the foxes, who were in season, and nearby as we could hear them throughout the early eve. The following morning we awoke, to the usual site, lids off of bins, and compost searched through, however the Coral Products (Mouldings) Ltd bins were on their side, unopened, evidence of attempting to gain entry was obvious, scratches and what looked like teeth marks, but they had not achieved what they had found elsewhere stored in other containers their food source. It is rare I am willing to test plastic products, in the current climate I seek alternatives, Coral Products (Mouldings) Ltd also appear to have a good ethos, with their recycling and up-cycling, and be able to create new 23 litre boxes from recycled materials.  For us, this is a product we will retain and use, and feel that the quality and consideration of this plastics company with a conscience, high lights that they are a forward-thinking business, in a time that is difficult for the plastics industry.  (Please note I am 77, some have struggled with the closure I believe of this lid, but I persevered, I have arthritis in my hands it just took time to get used to.) Julia Oxfordshire.


(Please note this is Felix in the photo, our Coral Products (Mouldings) Ltd mascot, not the actual fox that attempted to enter the chicken coop.)


As a business, working with Councils and Local Authorities, it is Coral Products (Mouldings) Ltd focus to create a circular economy efficient business, for everyone, closing the loop is their priority. The opening of the in-house recycling plant, enabling the business to upcycle waste plastic products and use them in new 23 litre Fox Proof Caddy’s is one way to make a change support the environment, councils and local authorities. The expenditure on clearing waste, and food waste that can be reused is essential, the 23 litre Fox Proof Caddy, that many councils are ordering to support the challenge is a positive.


Photo (Coral Products Mouldings Ltd Recycling plant, based in Haydock.)

For Information with regards to the Fox Proof Caddy, please contact Adam Thackeray or Steve Cranswick.

For Information with regards to the recycling plant please contact here.


Photography Adrian Waine and VSMM