Parliament and recycling

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UK Parliament have announced yesterday that all single use plastics will be replaced with compostable and secondary use alternatives.

This supports the pledge in May to virtually eliminate single use plastic from government and parliament by 2019.

753,000 disposable cups it is estimated were thrown away in Parliament in 2017, 416,000 lids, 23,750 plastic straws in addition to these 740,000 pieces of plastic cutlery. The intention is to replace all these items with compostable alternatives by October 2018 in both House of Commons and the House of Lords.

These items do need to find their way into the correct waste bins, so they can be recycled correctly or composted, it is still down to the responsibility of the individual.

The change to compostable plastics has been more evident in recent months with campaigners and new policies being put into place, at Coral Products (Mouldings) Ltd we stand by our phrase “Plastics with a conscience”. As a business we do make things from plastic, plastic is part of our world and will never be eradicated, however it can be managed responsibly, and we are making every effort to do so.

We at Coral Products (Mouldings) Ltd are part of the “Recycling Revolution” and will continue to train and invest in ways to make a difference and develop new product lines utilising waste recycled plastic.

Our attendance last week at RWM Exhibition 2018, sparked many conversations, with regards to disposal and use of plastic, we are an industry that is gaining much coverage, with regards to the waste plastic and its disposal.

Our ethos of working with others to build efficiency and lessen our environmental impact was supported by many of the visitors attending the exhibition, our investment in an in-house recycling plant at our Haydock site sparked interesting conversations.

RWM was a worthwhile experience for Coral Products (Mouldings) Ltd and many other exhibitors, the changes in attitude towards recycling and its importance were evident throughout the exhibition, new products, advancements in technology and a greater interest in the impact of plastic on the environment were a focus for the event.

Parliament are not the only ones taking these steps to make a change, it was good to see so many positives at RWM 2018.

Coral Products (Mouldings) Ltd are looking forward to 2019 as part of Coral Products PLC we will be celebrating 30 years in British Manufacturing, alongside other businesses within the Coral Group: Global One Pak Ltd, Interpack Ltd and Tatra Rotalac Ltd, each business is taking steps to be environmentally considerate.

Contact our National Account Managers if you would like to follow up your visit to RWM, discuss potential product development or our new in-house recycling plant.

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