Plastic and us!

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Recently within the news, regarding plastics, we have been asked many questions, referring to plastics and the issues for our environment.

We have discussed with a select group of people, the questions below.

How many times have you thrown plastic in the bin without thinking?

How many times have you seen overflowing bins on busy streets?

Do you always put plastic bottles in the correct bin?

Is there always an option to recycle your plastic when you are visiting somewhere?

Does your council offer recycling?

Do you get an option to recycle?

Are you provided with a kerbside box so that you can?

The answer to many of these questions, was “I don’t know or yes I have thrown plastic in a bin as there was no other option.”

Many companies such as Evian and Coca Cola, are now putting into place recyclable options, and also putting policies into place to support the arising issues of single use plastic.

But the nature of humanity is, if we aren’t provided with something, with busy lives, distractions, we look for the easy way out, and rather than leave rubbish/plastics on the streets we will put it into a general waste bin, as it seems the best option.

But it isn’t!

Single use plastic has it’s uses, many foods and medicines benefit from the use of plastic, preventing deterioration in product or contamination, without the use of single use plastic within these industries there would be further issues arising including increased food waste and medicines or medical equipment being unsafe.

There is a balance and it needs to be found.

Providing a good recycling system, managing the way we dispose of things, and changing peoples mindsets, are the main areas of how this issue can be combated.

Supporting companies, in production of materials that can be re utilised in some form, by not threatening a taxation, but providing a provision of support to enable them to make changes that can in time reduce waste and create a more recyclable/reusable product.

Most importantly support an industry that makes products, that save lives, protects people, encourages change and also prevents waste and further destruction to the planet.

People need to implement the changes that are possible.

Companies need to be supported, financially and offered training to make changes to create a more productive plastic “friendly” environment.

Most importantly the mindset needs to be changed, that all plastic

“isn’t bad”.

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