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“We should be cautious not to adopt the blanket view that plastic is bad”
Dominic Hogg. Chairman of environmental and waste management consulting firm Eunomia.
The news has been filled the last couple of months with reporters, specialists, environmentalists and politicians debating and informing of the dangers of plastics.
It was refreshing for this quote to appear, Dominic Hogg highlights a very good point, not all plastic is bad!
There are products and misuse of plastics within in certain forms, such as facial scrubs (there are many natural alternatives, nut shell, seeds for example), which has been readily reported and discussed, within all aspects of Social Media and within the press, in recent weeks.
It is important to recognise that there is issue with single use plastics, and many refuse companies not recycling these, landfill is a concern to all of us, and changes must be made, however, the PLASTICS INDUSTRY, is getting very bad press at the moment, and Coral Mouldings LTD are are aware of how this effects, the industry as a whole.
The questions:
What has to be enforced to make these changes?
What can be done to support the plastics industry to make these changes?
What needs to be done, to make these changes fit for purpose for everyone, the planet, the people the economy and the product?
There are many suggestions with regards to all of the above questions, and the industry is openly discussing options, alternatives and ways to make change.
Last week, a tax on plastics was said to be a way forward for improvements. The bloc is hunting for new sources of revenue to fill the annual €13.9 billion budget gap created by the U.K.’s departure. BREXIT along with heightened reporting, on plastics and its impact environmentally has caused a great deal of interest.
Günther Oettinger stated “We have too much packaging material and plastic waste, which pollutes our seas and oceans. So, the question arises, should we not tax the production of our plastics?”  Oettinger also highlighted “some countries already have such levies while others don’t, which endangers fragmenting the single market”. “In the internal market for goods, imports and exports in Europe, we need to have a common approach.”
Even if countries agree, industry is unlikely to be on board.
“A new tax on plastics, plastic products or products containing plastics would be very complicated. In the end, the consumer would have to pay for it.” Rather, the Commission should press to ban recyclable plastics from landfills”. Karl-H. Foerster, executive director of PlasticsEurope, the industry group.
A tax upon plastics, would provoke many to ask;
Why is there not a tax on glass or aluminium?
Would the tax be on raw material or finished product?
Should there be exemptions where plastic material is in the common interest, and is needed to meet sanitary rules?
“The goal is to cut single-use plastic consumption” — Delphine Lévi-Alvarès, coordinator for the Rethink Plastic NGO alliance.
The key words in the above quote from Lévi-Alvarès is to cut! If removed, this will have a huge impact on many industries, not just those within plastics.
For example, fresh fruits and vegetables. Many of the products shelf life are extended by the use of single wrap plastics, which then has an impact upon the preparation of the products, the transportation, the shelf life within store, and the life of that of the consumer, removing single use plastic, will have mass impact elsewhere, and to many countries that rely on these types of product to sustain their economy.
There are so many areas to cover, consider, discuss and deliberate?
Will all the discussions provide an answer of clarity, and a conclusion?
Coral Mouldings LTD are behind reuse and recycle, promoting many of our products within the recycling industry, implementing recycling structure and policy into the business on site, and doing what we can to make a difference. It is an interesting, exciting and challenging time.
Just to clarify we know.


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